For the love of hair

In order to stand out, V & Co. imports high-performance, eco-responsible, vegan, cruelty-free and exclusive brands of professional products. Evan Care and Belma Kosmetik are companies with a great philosophy that always work in collaboration with their distributors. Valérie is always on the lookout for exceptional products for both hairdressing professionals and customers.

Our products are


Dermatologically tested

Cruelty free

Made with natural ingredients

Created by Valérie Secchi

After having been a stylist and salon owner for more than 20 years, Valérie has made it her mission to help hairdressers discover and offer their customers products that cannot be found in pharmacies or in supermarkets. big box stores. More and more professional products are sold to the general public, so suddenly removes a lot of notoriety from the profession. Valérie is passionate about training and loves spending time in salons to help her clients and colleagues. She is also keen to offer the most personalized service and follow-up. Come meet her!